Welcome to Dufftown

A vibrant and thriving Highland community that invites visitors to participate in a wide range of traditional Scottish activities and entertainment throughout the year.

Set in the heart of Speyside in north eastern Scotland, Dufftown is situated on the banks of the rivers Fiddich and Dullan at the foot of the Conval Hills.

Like other villages of its period, Dufftown has spacious streets laid out in a regular plan. The four main streets converge at the Clock Tower, which was completed in 1839. The Clock Tower was originally the town jail but is now home to the Tourist Information Centre.

Whisky making is the life blood of Dufftown. It involves every one from barley farmers to the Customs officers who ensure there are no irregularities with the duty due on the town's spirits.

Whether you already know the north-east of Scotland or are just thinking of visiting, we are sure you will find Dufftown and the surrounding area a beautiful part of the Highlands and a unique opportunity to escape from the pressures of 21st century living.

Whatever the reason you come here, enjoy your visit and, as we say in Scotland: "Haste ye back!"

What's New

Autumn Speyside Whisky Festival Auction

Registration forms are now available for this year’s whisky auction which takes place on Sunday 28th September at 3pm in the Commercial Hotel Hall, Dufftown. It you have bottles of whisky that you would like put into the auction please click here to download the forms.

Summer Ceilidhs

An evening of traditional Scottish music, singing and dancing,  featuring local musicians. Held on Thursday evening at 20:00 in either the Commercial Hotel back hall or The Royal British Legion.  For the price of GBP3 per person this is an evening not to be missed if you're staying in Dufftown.

Summer Nosing & Tasting Evenings

The Summer Nosing & Tasting Evenings are every Wednesday in the Commercial Hotel Back Hall, starting at 20:00. This is a great evening for whisky enthusiasts, with a chance to sample whiskies from different distilleries and independent bottlers. This event is only open to over 18s and costs GBP10 per person. It includes a Dufftown Nosing Glass which you get to keep – a nice memento of your evening.  For a full list of the programme click here

Autumn Speyside Whisky Festival

The Autumn Speyside Whisky Festival takes place 26 to 29 Sep 14.  The festival is centric to Dufftown and will include a programme of events over the weekend to enable whisky connoisseurs to tour and taste an incredible array of fine single malts from a wide range of distilleries. Gordon Haughton will host the "Seven Stills Tour" that visits all of Dufftown's distilleries on a single trip with a dram at each and every one. This is definitely not for the faint hearted!

But there will be more - music, dancing, the Whisky Auction, pipe bands and a craft fairs. The best of Scotland's culture is on show alongside the celebration of its national drink.


The Festival event programme is available online where you can book and pay the indivdual events.

The Clock Tower, Dufftown