Welcome to Dufftown

A vibrant and thriving Highland community that invites visitors to participate in a wide range of traditional Scottish activities and entertainment throughout the year.

Set in the heart of Speyside in north eastern Scotland, Dufftown is situated on the banks of the River Fiddich and the Dullan Water at the foot of the Conval Hills.

Like other villages of its period, Dufftown has spacious streets laid out in a regular plan. The four main streets converge at the Clock Tower, which was completed in 1839. The Clock Tower was originally the town jail, became the Tourist Information Centre and is now vacant. The Visitor Information Point is now located in the Whisky Museum.

Whisky making is the life blood of Dufftown. From the farmers who grow the finest malting barley to the distillers and the coopers, without Whisky, Dufftown could no longer proclaim itself the "Malt Whisky Capital of the World".

Whether you already know the north-east of Scotland or are just thinking of visiting, you are sure to find Dufftown and the surrounding area a beautiful part of the Highlands and a unique opportunity to escape from the pressures of 21st century living. For more information about Dufftown why not browse at our Dufftown online brochure.

Whatever the reason you come here, enjoy your visit and, as we say in Scotland: "Haste ye back!"

What's New

Music at St Mary's Church Aberlour

Tangueros Ensemble are playing a flute and guitar concert at St Margaret's Church, Aberlour on Tuesday 26th June 2018 @7.00pm
Tickets are £10 and includes refreshments.

Summer Whisky Nosings and Tastings start on 11 Jul

The Summer Whisky Nosing and Tastings are currently being planned by Gillian and her Team. The programme will start on Wednesday 11 Jul 18 and will continue on every Wednesday until 12 Sep 18.  The nosing and tasting will be held in the Commercial Hotel Function Hall in Dufftown starting at 8.00pm Each tasting will be hosted by a local distillery or an independent bottler.  The cost is £15 and includes a Glencairn nosing glass (value £5.00) for you to keep.  The programme will be published on the website soon. 

Scotch Hopping in Scotland

The Americans have discovered our secret!  here is an excellent piece from the Washington Times on 6 Jan 17, well worth a read if you want to have a US view of Speyside!

A Night on the Dufftown

5 minutes to spare? then why not read this short e-zine article by Paul Stafford who visited Speyside in 2014.  His voyage of discovery included a visit to the Glenfiddich Distillery, the Fiddichside Inn and the Whisky Museum.  It's well worth  a read.  

The Clock Tower, Dufftown